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Brush Carrier and Carbon Dust Collector for VerticalHydrogenerator

Brush Holder Carrier and Carbon Dust Collector for Vertical Hydro Generator

Product Introduction

To eliminate the carbon dust accumulation in vertical hydro  generators, our company has researched and developed a special online removable brush holder and carbon dust collector for vertical generators, which has been patented (patent No.: ZL 2011 2037 5720.8)

The carbon dust collector consists of seven parts, i.e. a dust hood, a collector, rings, a brush support carrier, an online removable brush holder, a dust collection pipelines system, a Carbon dust collection device and an electric control system. The system is an effective solution to efficiently remove the carbon dust accumulated during the operation of generators that causes operating failure of the generators.

Three Major Functions

     1. Efficient carbon dust collection

     2. Efficient cooling of the slip ring

     3. Observe and replace the carbon brush without stopping the machine

Parameters to be supplied by customers for customization:

     1. Generator capacity, excited current and excited voltage

     2. Slip ring diameter, upper frame external dimension

     3. Brush holder carrier connection and interface dimension.